Practical management of constructor risks in the construction industry

Information about the awarding body

Full name of the institution issuing the credential:

Budapest University of Technology and Economics – Institute of Continuing Engineering Education

Accreditation of the institution:

The University is a state owned University accredited by the Hungarian Accredtiation Comittee ID: FI 23344
The Institute of Continuing Engineering Education is also certified by ISO 9001:2015. audit no: EX 1449.18 (by


Information about the credential

Official title of the credential: Practical management of constructor risks in the construction industry

Description of the credential:

This is a 20 hours further educational face to face course on risk management for engineers in contstuction industry. The final examination is digital, 60% shoud be reached to be certified.

Subject: Management – Building Industry

Credential type: Other

Learning outcome description:

By the end of the course the learner is able to:
– list the specificities of building industry risks;
– create a risk inventory
– explore the investor’s point of view on risks;
– explore the contructior’s point of view on risks;
– list the different insurance options
– explain the legal aspects of risk in the contract

Ways to acquire the credential:

Validation of formal learning

Grading Scheme: pass or fail on exam. Treshold over 60%

Mode(s) of study: Online, Face to Face, Part-time

Duration of learning: 20 Hours

Assessment method(s): Online assessment with ID verification

Cheating prevention by:

Format(s) of assessment: Automatic grading

What is being assessed: Quiz (testing recall)

Accreditation of the credential:

National Accredtiation of University
* ISO accreditation of the Institute: EX 1449.18
Registration of the University as Adult Educational Body: E-000530/2014
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The date when the credential was published: 14-03-2019

Information about the (test) credential holder

  • Name: Dénes Zarka
  • Date of birth: 02-05-1965
  • Student ID: no

Credential awarded to holder on: 29-03-2019

Credits awarded: 20

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