Recognition and Verification of Credentials in Open Education

An ‘open credential‘ could be defined as a credential which is fully transparent and which can be used for a multitude of purposes. These might include accumulation towards a qualification, as evidence of skills for employment or as a means of transferring evidence of expertise between countries. Such an open credential would fit seamlessly into European recognition frameworks, and would be instantly verifiable at the click of a button, and would include all necessary information about the learning it represents. It would also allow collection by various software systems to create online CVs, open badge backpacks, etc.

In accordance with the definition of open credential, and to facilitate their recognition and verification, by the end of the project we are going to produce:

  • A standard set of meta-data descriptors for recognising open learning in line with the learning passport;
  • An implementation guide for using the blockchain (or other centralised digital certificate schemes) to record this meta-data;
  • An ontology connecting qualification frameworks, diploma supplements, ECTS modules, systems for accreditation and open learning accreditation systems; and
  • A technological roadmap which would allow fully-open credentials.