Studienstart Studienvorbereitung Mathematik Heilbronn

Information about the awarding body

Full name of the institution issuing the credential:

Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg DHBW

Accreditation of the institution:;jsessionid=C0018952B678DE2E475920F542927DFD?tid=80540&id=1017989&Bezugstyp=3&locale=en


Information about the credential

Official title of the credential: Studienstart Studienvorbereitung Mathematik Heilbronn

Description of the credential:

In the course of the online maths preparation, you will first take a test and, depending on the result, you will receive a learning recommendation and the corresponding exercise material in order to close any gaps in your mathematical knowledge. Depending on your study location, you may also be able to enrol in a supervised learning group when you register. There you can clarify your questions about studying at the DHBW and get to know your future fellow students in an informal way and expand your skills on study-relevant topics such as time management, learning strategies, motivation, etc. Student mentors and employees of the university will support you actively and competently. To register for the first time (information here) or to log in, click on the registration button in the top right corner.

Subject: mathematics

Credential type: Other

Learning outcome description:

Square functions
term reshuffle

Ways to acquire the credential:

Validation of formal learning

Grading Scheme: None, 80% correct answers required to pass

Mode(s) of study: Online

Duration of learning: 6 Hours

Assessment method(s): Online assessment without ID verification

Cheating prevention by: Not applicable as assessment is taking place without ID verification

Format(s) of assessment: Automatic grading

What is being assessed: Quiz (testing recall)

Number of Credit Points: 0

Accreditation of the credential:

Not accredited

Homepage of credential:

The date when the credential was published: 10-10-2018

Information about the (test) credential holder

  • Name: Max Mustermann
  • Date of birth: 01-01-1999
  • Student ID: 1234567

Credits awarded: 0

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