Inglés Profesional / Professional English (4ed)

Information about the awarding body

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Accreditation of the institution:

In this MOOC, Open UNED students have access to two types of accreditation. Both are electronically signed and can therefore be kept or sent to third parties. Although the printed certificate/credential is not valid, it contains the necessary CVS code so that its authenticity can be verified by other administrations or private companies.

1) Credential: It indicates the name and surname of the applicant, the title and code of the course satisfactorily completed, the date on which the credential was issued, the number of hours of the course, the dates on which the course was given and the signature of UNED Abierta Director and the Vice-chancellor of UNED Methodoogy & Innovation.
It is obtained completely on-line and its cost is 15 euros.
Procedure: It is requested from the page of the course and it can be downloaded online from there.

2) Certificate: The information that will appear on the certificate is: Title of the course, Name and surnames, DNI or Passport, Nº of hours of the course, 1 ECTS; Signature of the Rector; Program of the course, Date of beginning and end of course).
They may be the object of recognition in UNED Lifelong Learning Program courses at the free discretion of their teachers. They may also be recognised as credits in official education, in accordance with the general procedure.
It is obtained completely on-line and its cost is 50 euros.
This title is granted as belonging to the UNED and does not have the official character established in article 30 of Organic Law 4/2007 which modifies article 34 of Organic Law 6/2001 on Universities.
The title is equivalent to 1 ECTS= 25 HOURS


Information about the credential

Official title of the credential: Inglés Profesional / Professional English (4ed)

Description of the credential:

The MOOC Professional English is an open course, of an approximate level intermediate, which teaches learners to communicate in the market world. Students will also get familiar with business vocabulary.

Subject: Languages/ Foreign Languages/ English

Credential type: European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS)

Learning outcome description:

Students are expected to learn technical vocabulary and specialized related to business.

Students are expected to learn to communicate both orally, when making job interviews, as well as written, when preparing cvs or writing, for example, a cover letter in English.

Ways to acquire the credential:

Validation of formal learning, Validation of non-formal learning

Grading Scheme: The students need to complete the activities if they want to make progress and achieve a certificate. The final mark will be calculated in the following way: -Tests and quizzes 60% (READING COMPREHENSION MODULE 20%, LISTENING COMPREHENSION TEST 20% & SELF-EVALUATION TEST 20 %) -Videos 20 % -Final Test 20 % In order to achieve the certificate, they must obtain at least 70% of the total score. There is not grading scheme, just a percentage.

Mode(s) of study: Online

Duration of learning: 25 Hours

Assessment method(s): There are different types of activities: Videos Tests and quizzes with automatic correction. Peer assessment tasks. Participation in forums, moderated by some of the teachers, to practice and review some grammatical aspects among other activities.

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Accreditation of the credential:

Accreditations info Webpage:
When an student get a credential or certificate, a particular url is generated and appears on the credential with this message:
“The authenticity of this credential can be verified at”

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