OEPass at the EDEN 2019 Annual Conference

EDEN’s 28th Annual Conference, titled “Connecting through Educational Technology – to produce effective learning environments” was held on 16-19 June 2019, hosted by the VIVES University of Applied Sciences in Bruges (Belgium).

New generation of learning technologies and networks are ubiquitous, embedded and mobile which reshape access to, and delivery of, learning. Cutting edge fields are artificial intelligence, learning analytics, micro-learning, new credentialing, revolution of assessment, massive open online courses (MOOCs), personalized learning, game-based learning, flipped classroom, Digital Makerspaces and alike.

OEPass deals with the topic of micro-credentials, the most timely and relevant concept in higher education and adult learning. OEPass researchers updated the experts in this important topic and the concept of the Learning Passport.

The workshop presented an extended meta-data standard and a corresponding learning passport for digital credentials and micro-credentials. It explored possible scenarios, stakeholders and guidelines. The proposed standard adds specific HE and micro-credential extensions to the ESCO (European Skills, Competences, Qualifications & Occupations) metadata schema. The aim was to showcase how a secure digital, blockchain-enabled credentialing solution could look like and function, creating a reference for developments and standardizations.

Title of the workshop: Utilising a Meta-Data Standard for Digital Credentials and Recognition of Open Learning
Jochen Ehrenreich, Raimund Hudak, DHBW Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative
State University, Germany