OEPass at the EDEN 2018 Annual Conference

The 27th EDEN Annual Conference was held in Genoa, Italy on 17-20 June 2018. The conference was organised by OEPass project partner, the European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN).

This year, the theme of the conference was “Exploring the micro, meso and macro: Navigating between dimensions in the digital learning landscape“. Open Education continues its success, providing radical advances in knowledge acquisition, sharing, distribution, and improving business models. Digital credentials and open badges are the new currencies which are beginning to transform the economic models in education.

The OEPass research group has actively participated in several of the activities that took place in the frame of the conference, aimed to respond to contemporary needs by:

  • discussing structural and operational questions related to collaborative and social technologies,
  • exploiting the socio-cultural specifics related to the granularity of learning, and
  • tracking and demonstrating evidence about the mechanisms and value chains across micro-, meso- and macro-learning.